Overview of Studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

Business Administration

The world has slowly shifted to a virtual platform. From businesses to entertainment to education, one can find it all, online. The pandemic cemented this trend by making a virtual life a necessity. Perhaps, one of the most significant changes brought about by the pandemic has been the increasing number of opportunities to study online.

A Three-year Educational Program

Online education is no different from an on-campus education. A look into what an accredited bachelor’s degree in Business Administration online entails will prove this point. An accredited Bachelor’s degree online in this field is spread across 3 years just like an on-campus course.

Qualifications to enter the Program

Entry into the first year of anĀ online bachelor’s degreeĀ in Business Administration is guaranteed if you have 2 CAPE double units along with 5 CSEC passes which includes Mathematics at and above grade III and English A.

Gain direct entry into the 3rd Year

Studying online has never been easier! You can gain direct entry into the 3rd year of an accredited Bachelor’s degree online in Business Administration if you meet at least one of the following criteria. Firstly, if you have qualified the ABE Level 5 (RQF) or Level 6 (QCF). Secondly, if you have an extended Diploma in Business and Management or a higher National Diploma with a Merit Profile. Thirdly, if you have an associate degree from a Higher Educational Institution approved by a relevant national body. Lastly, if you were offered progression into the final year of a Bachelor’s degree program. If you meet any of these criteria, you can directly enter the 3rd year and save on educational costs and time.

What Documents are required to Apply?

If you are seeking admission to an online Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, you will need the following documents. Firstly, you will need to fill up the application form of the university you desire to enroll in. Secondly, you must have with you documents that record your previous qualifications. Thirdly, you should provide documents that prove your knowledge and command over the English language. Fourthly, you will have to send the university a statement of purpose detailing why you chose to study online at that particular university and enrolled in a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Fifthly, you should attach your resume so that the recruiters can look at all of your qualifications and achievements. And lastly, provide documents of any references. With these documents in hand, you can sail through the admissions process and begin your online education without any hassles.

A look at the Syllabus for each Year

In the first year, students will be taken through the principles of marketing, business accounting, business economics, modules on the business environment across the globe, methods of quantitative measurement of business and management, etc. The second year of an online Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration includes modules on enhancing employability, market planning, business ethics, project planning, project control, principles of operations management, etc. In the third year, the syllabus covers business strategy, digital economy, issues that the global economy faces, international human resources management, business and commercial awareness, etc. The syllabus will help train a business graduate to be effective in their role at the work place.


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