Myths And Misconception of Distance Learning Courses

Distance Learning

A number of students are nowadays going for distance learning courses. The digital revolution may have brought some problems along with it but, the positives far outweigh its negatives. Just like any revolution, digitally empowered distance learning courses have their fair share of critics.

Distance Learning courses classrooms have no size limit

The most common myth around distance Learning would be the class sizes. Many students believe, since no physical space is required for distance learning courses, online classes have a large number of students. This is far from the truth, just like any quality school/college restricts the number of students per batch, good online programs keep a tab on the number of students in a batch. It is operated much like a classroom where each student is given proper attention.

Online Courses are not valued by employers

As the world progresses, people have less time and more ground to cover. While the old world of classroom education is there, the reality of today’s world is people want both work and learn at the same time. They gain both experience and education on the go, and this reality is now more and more accepted by the corporate world out there. Each new survey shows that more and more hired professionals now carry at least one distance education course degree/certificate.

Distance learning courses are not high quality

This is like painting the whole world in black and white. There are always shades of grey. There are many budget-constrained colleges/schools which work with text-intensive materials as well, but then there are those which have learning methods/technologies which fare much ahead of even the most exceptional traditional learning methods and have much more superior quality of training materials.

Online tutors are not good

This is one of the biggest myths I have come across. The teachers are just as certified and educated as in any of our physical classes in distance learning courses. Even logically, it cannot be true since the remunerations for teachers in our brick and mortar institutes are very less compared to online teaching. A big part of fees procured from students in a brick and mortar institute goes towards the commercial space, ancillary services that are part and parcel of running a big facility. It only makes sense that most teachers would like to switch to the online modes, these fares as far more comfortable and better paying than the traditional ways of learning.

Distance learning courses are expensive

This is one of the myths that can be easily busted once you understand the concept of distance learning courses. As also mentioned in the above point, the brick and mortar institutes have a huge cost model of keeping up the ancillary services and are hence costly. This cost is not applicable to distance learning courses and these are surprisingly low costs. The travel and boarding costs that students have to bear are also not there when it comes to distance learning. This in turn makes it a far better proposition for people who want to learn and have limited resources.

No Reputable distance learning courses providers exist

This problem is there, many online offerings in this space are not genuine or high quality. But this can be easily checked, one just needs to make an informed decision. A little research perhaps can help, it is not that difficult to find a reputable college for distance learning. Nowadays, many reputed universities, colleges, and institutes have opened their online divisions which are equally good and offer varied courses to help students learn. The courses they offer are as well researched as any other regular course.

One needs to have programming skills

This myth is more seen with people who are less acquainted with using computers. It is fairly simple to navigate and work for most of the distance learning courses. A basic understanding of opening and sending emails, completing assignments on the word, and being able to communicate with teachers/classmates over skype, etc. is all that is required here. One can manage quite well and even if one is initially uncomfortable with this, does not take more than 2 -3 days to get acquainted with basic knowledge of computers.

Only the easy courses exist online

Students feel the distance learning courses would not be as challenging for them as any other regular course. But trust me on this one, these are easier said than done, one has to develop his/her own learning strategy and work on everything independently. This imbibes a sense of ownership in students too. Like any other regular course, hard work and a dedicated effort is the key here as well.

So, as we started off with clearing your misconceptions around distance learning, I feel the above points are definitely an eye-opener for many students and new age workers to explore the unlimited world of distance learning courses and opening for themselves new avenues and career paths.


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