Must Haves While Learning Spoken English

Learning Spoken English

Everyone knows that English is the majorly spoken language across the world. Even if you don’t know other languages like German, French, Spanish, English helps you put your message across the table. Spoken English can also help you bag a good packaged-job, anywhere in the world.

Spoken English is much more than what we think of. Not just vocabulary or sentence formation, a lot of other elements are also present like phonetics, punctuations, intonations. Amdavadis are the ones who have successfully made a place for themselves everywhere. Ever wondered how? The phonics classes have helped people learn about the sounds of human speech. This has made it easier for Amdavadis to communicate with others.

In this article, we have tried to list down the must-haves while dealing with Spoken English.

  1. Syntax: Syntax is nothing but the study of words or phrases. It helps you create well-framed sentences in any language. When it comes to Spoken English, it is important to know where to use what and when. Once you become familiar with words and phrases, sentence formation is just like an art. The easier you keep, the more impact it has or will have on the receiver.
  2. Semantics: When put in easy words, Semantics means the study of language. The moment you frame a sentence, it has some of the other meanings. If you want to convey your message properly, it is necessary to put in such a way that the receiver understands it. For instance, the word ‘child’ can be used for a kid, girl, boy, son or even daughter. Every word used has a meaning, and hence it is necessary to use them properly. The best spoken English class in Ahmedabad has been focusing on teaching students the appropriate usage of words and phrases in sentences.

Apart from language, other things that one needs to learn while dealing with spoken English are the following.

  1. Be brave to welcome criticism: However good you might be, it is normal to make mistakes. We all get there at some point in life. One of the common mistakes is related to phonetics. Spoken English varies from place to place. For instance, it is alright to pronounce schedule as sheh-dyool (Indian English) or sheh-jool (British/ UK English) or even skeh-jool (American English). In Ahmedabad, not just for adults, there are phonics classes for kidsas well. This way, you can train your little one to pronounce right from an early age.
  2. Never stop learning: One thing that needs to be consistent throughout is your will to learn and explore. English is one such beautiful language that has a rich history. If you feel you are proficient with the language, you can have a look at the old English. Beautiful Shakespearean plays that have been converted into movies will also help you understand a brief history. Try various activities like listening to English songs, watching English movies, TedTalks, podcasts, etc. Such activities by spoken English classes in Ahmedabad have proven to be a healthy method of learning English.

Try them and let us know how has your experience been. You can thank us later.


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